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Monday, July 11, 2016

"He Refused To Leave Until She Mentioned A Treat!"

Pierre as a pup...
Well, good Monday morning, everybody!
It seems to always happen when we return from a long trip. Cute little furry creatures appear in the night. We know because they like to leave their calling card.
Last night, from a deep, doggy sleep, our cocker spaniel, Pierre, sat up very attentively. For a minute or two he sat up with ears perked and his familiar "death stare." He didn't move.
Then, he hopped down unto the floor and went sniffing all around the sofa. He then turned his attention to the TV console with his stubby, little tail spinning high revs enough to lift his tush up off the ground.
This went on for an inning or two, as I watching a baseball game, until he decided that whatever it was he was gonna wait it out. It didn't take long for me to realize we had a mouse in the house.
Pierre sat in a position on the floor that he never sits in with his butt towards me and his nose pointed to the corner of the room between the console and the sofa. It was as if he was pointing to me the direction of the prey intimating that he was a pointer and not a hunter.
This went on till midnight when Therese decided to entice Pierre into our bedroom with a treat in order for me to set a few traps and get some shuteye. He just refused to leave...
Until she mentioned, a TREAT!
This morning, before our dog could beat me to the door, I found the culprit between the teeth of the old fashion, but deadly device.
Picking up the other two traps and disarming them, I announced to the our intrepid pointer that the coast was clear.
"Okay Pierre, come get some breakfast!"

Copyright 2016/ Ben Bensen III