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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"The Girls ( Chicks! ) Are Working Overtime!"

My sketch of farm fresh eggs from my good friend who's girls are working overtime!

My champion barrel racing friend, Paula, is an animal lover. She loves her horses like her own children. She has quite a few chickens that just love to lay eggs. She pets turtles and stops along the highway to help them get across the street. ( Who knows why turtles think the other side of the street is any better! ) She has a snake that occasionally drops by to sample a few of "the girls' handiwork" and allows the cat and mouse game between coyotes and peacocks to continue. She does bring her chicks in at night, but allows Nature to do what Nature needs to do in almost all cases.

We'd been away for a few weeks and hadn't visited the local coffeehouse to find out what was shaking in the town. For a while, when we did manage to make it for a cup of coffee and some good conversation, Paula was competing all up and down the local barrel racing circuit. But, today we struck it rich with two dozen eggs plus two as lagniappe. 

And just in time for some Father's Day quiche!  

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