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Monday, July 3, 2017

"I Hope No One Was Around To See That!"

Our Mighty Hunter...

Well, Happy "before the big patriotic bang" Monday, y'all.
So funny. With my first cup firmly in hand, I take 'da Pup to our designated poop spot. As he gets himself to a comfortable squat position, I notice a bunny seated and frozen in that clasic chocolate bunny position.
I thought to point it out to Pierre Le Pooch, but decided that no one likes to be disturbed during that wonderful early morning adventure, but all through that "vunerable time", his nose lockes onto a fragrance that is his.
"Pierre, I said, as he turns to me from tidying himself up a bit, "Look, a bunny!"
The bunny is not more than five or six yards away, but the dog's nose rules and Pierre obligingly obeys even though his nose is taking him further away from his "quarry."
The bunny barely moves but turns his gaze to me nodding in disgust.
"I know. Crazy, huh? Sometimes I wonder about him too," I said.
Suddenly, like a shot, the dog lunges from the azalea bush toward the rather nonchalant rabbit.
I think the rabbit's been here before. 
Just as Pierre is within the attack range, the bunny takes off in a straight line for a couple of yards and then, with a tweak of it's white cottontail, takes a hard ninety degree right turn. Pierre could not only negotiate the turn, he slipped in the morning dew and did a complete 360 degree body roll.
When he gets up and shakes himself off, he looks around as if to say, "I hope no one was around to see that!" 
"I saw ya," I said between sips of coffee...You big buffoon!"
Second cup!

Copyright 2017/ Ben Bensen III