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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"I'll Drink To Me, Drink To Myself And Then I'll Just Draw All Alone...

A little tipsy sketch... and me too!
There's a secret to getting bottles, jugs, mugs, glasses, and all containers symmetrical, but when you're waiting for the ladies to finish roaming the restaurant and powdering their noses, an artist type gets bored and decides to draw his empty loving cup. He knows full well his second empty goblet of some of the world's best draft beer, Abita Brewery's "Abita Amber" will distort his soon to be off center mug.

If you look closely, there are light lines that I drew for myself to stay on course with my elipses, but as usual, it didn't work. It's subtle, but almost every oval is off center. That is, it is bent! Oh well, it was a fun way to waste away fifteen minutes anyway!

And, the liquid inside that off center mug was surely, "right on."

Copyright 2012/ Ben Bensen III